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Machines and ladies.

I am very simple so here is an FAQ.

READ THIS before asking me something. Commission info is included.…


Computer is packed. Internet has been shut down since yesterday. I'm using my phone's 4G so I'm mostly unavailable until tomorrow afternoon when I move into my new home. 
I'm not really making a statement, ranting, or being objective about anything. I'm just writing some shit because it's on my mind lately. I touched on this before, but never gave a detailed stance on it.

My friends are gearing up for a decently large con this summer. It was actually one I used to frequent before. I thought about it and said it wasn't really worth the time, money, and frustration, so I cut off cons from my life. I'm not mentioning what the con it was because I want to avoid "YOU SHOULD TRY THIS CON!!! OH OH HAVE YOU BEEN TO..!? THIS CON IS WAY BETTER THAN THAT ONE! WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS INSTE-"


I swear, it's like when you say you don't like a popular game franchise and people instantly tell you "Oh well you played the shit game, try this". A convention is a convention to me, just different themes and sizes, but the same thing nonetheless. I drive or fly to some city, pay ludicrous amounts for entry, walk around going to panels for 5-10 minutes each, buy overpriced merchandise, etc. That is so much money down the drain for me that could go to other priorities and pretty much everything I can do/buy at a con I can get online. Probably way cheaper too.
Oh man latest movie/game/comic/anime reveals? Online.
Want this imported game? Online.
But artists! I'm certain they have a Tumblr or some other account.
Cosplayers!? I follow Ivy Doomkitty and Yaya Han on their respective pages. That's enough for me.

The rest is pretty much things I've never really concerned myself with like voice actor/actress Q&A's and cosplaying.

Then the funniest thing people like to bring up is that I should set up a table to sell my work. I have to wonder what sort of DANK shit people smoke when they suggest this. They don't realize how expensive that is to just get a space or get enough prints to last the entire convention. And competition? Let's not even get into that ballpark. I would have to spend hundreds on top of transportation money, entry fee, food money, hotel fees, and god forbid I want to buy some stuff at the actual con. I would run myself into a hole unless I made mad bank on prints (I wouldn't). I'd easily be throwing away at least 2k total. Not to mention, I do not want people putting a face to me. 

There's a bit more to touch on like the really really terrible final argument I get "Just enjoy it with your friends". To that I just say if the above doesn't answer why friends won't make a con more enjoyable for me, I don't know what to tell you. :I

Keep in mind that I've been saying "I", "me", "to me", "personally" etc. Don't agree if you don't want to and don't be swayed by this (oh please GOD don't change your stance on cons over this). I'm not trying to challenge anyone. I'm not some scrooge that scoffs at people who enjoy them.

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