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Machines and ladies.

I am very simple:

I do not roleplay
Trades are for close contacts
I do not do requests
I do not do kiribans
Unless you pay me, I'm drawing nothing conceivably related to My Little Pony.
I will not join your group

Any requests for any of this will be ignored/deleted. Initiate roleplay anywhere on my page, and you will be blocked.

Follow this list, keep your cool, and you'll be 100% welcome around here.


Sketch: Chomba by XoPachi
Sketch: Chomba
For my pal Hypnofood. I'd link, but his galleries are currently empty.
It would be massively beneficial to keep up to date on journals/read profile information of artists you follow. It gets a little annoying to be asked the same questions from different people when the answers were already provided. Especially regarding commission info. Just faster for you and the artist is all I'm saying...
Sketch: Atomic Wedgie by XoPachi
Sketch: Atomic Wedgie
"Gimme your lunch money, chump!"

Classic cartoon antics. Oldie. There's some mistakes I noticed, but never fixed.
Sketch: Sandy's Cheeks by XoPachi
Sketch: Sandy's Cheeks
An incredibly predictable and equally awful joke, but I never claimed to be clever.
I'm already being asked about commissions now that I'm back so I'll just clear the air on this subject in a list format. Short answer is I'm not open (please don't ask when I will be). There's some things I want to discuss about it though.
  1. The interest is very appreciated, but I'm not ready for full blown commissions at the moment. I have 2 outstanding clients right now (offsite) and no real desire to open anyway. It'll happen, but just not now. I will post updates via status's and journals when I'm open for business! Keep up on those if you're interested.
  2. I need to tweak and edit my commission Terms of Service and make sure it checks out ok. I won't be changing what I don't draw and my prices. Just things that make it work a bit better for DeviantArt. 
  3. DeviantArt is a HAVEN for art theft, scam artists, and manipulators. And let me set this straight, the FIRST time I deal with a scam commissioner, it's a wrap. I'm closing up shop, DeviantArt will NEVER see commission opportunities from me for as long as this site remains relevant. I care about no one's opinion or thoughts about that stance. Recent events have me looking into user history like an employer doing a background check. So before we do anything, if you're a new face, I will be scouring the net for any and everything to make sure you can be a trusted client. Good words or bad words. If all goes well and you're a frequent flier, I'll keep you on a "trust these guys" list or something!
  4. Points. I was approached for point commissions. I initially figured DA points were just useless, but it's not exactly fair to say that without looking into it. I will do as much and if I feel it's worth it, I'll make it a payment option (which is an example of what needs tweaking in the ToS). It can only add flexibility for all of us, honestly.
  5. And finally, my biggest pet peeve on the issue and I'm going to sound like a real asshole. I've had several clients make things extremely difficult because they CAN'T READ THE FUCKING TERMS OF SERVICE. I will post my ToS and do my very best to refine it to be as simple, well organized, yet thorough as possible. Every time I decide to open for commissions, the first thing I will do is tell you to read and understand the ToS, link to it, and provide a shortened version of the following warning. If you approach me for a commission and I see you obviously refused to read my guidelines "what are your prices?" "do you draw this?" "Can I have this item which is clearly stated as NOT an option?" etc, you will be ignored. I'm not telling you to go back and read it. I'm not debating or negotiating with you. Your message will be deleted without a reply. You're all grown adults and if you can type to me, you can read, especially if you could read that I'm open for commissions. I'm not chasing geese anymore and making exceptions. Ask questions about something I clearly did not cover in the ToS or if something just wasn't clear, quote it and I can elaborate. I have no problem with those. Pardon the abrasiveness.
Now some other things I wanna mention quickly.
Trades. I'm selective and not exactly in the mood for it a lot. I may do them sometime openly, but I'm not sure.
Requests. Don't even ask. Suggestions are a sneakier version of requests. I don't take those either.
Gift Art for me. I can't exactly stop you or be angry about it, but I'd appreciate if you refrained from drawing things for me. It's a kind gesture, but unnecessary. I urge you to reconsider if you plan on it, please.
Groups. Pretty much done with these. Nice idea, but ruined imo. I want no part of it unless it's a really damn fine group and handled optimally.

Pretty much everything else from before still stands.
-I'm not drawing ANYTHING remotely related to My Little Pony unless you're paying. Ever.
-I refuse to roleplay. Don't ask. Initiate it anywhere on my page and you're blocked.
-I don't do Kiribans.
-If you know what you're talking about, feel free to critique and point out technical errors in my work. 

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